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safe1584005 artist:dtkraus449 edit119365 edited screencap57147 screencap205765 fluttershy199447 rainbow dash220615 pegasus246428 pony854567 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000723 :d984 animated92771 bits1007 currency18 cute180677 dashabetes8159 female1181318 mare425870 mouth hold15512 regurgitation49 wat18442


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Sciencepone of Science!
Lots of customers got really angry when they found out you have to insert the coins. It led to a class-action lawsuit, and from then on, the company had to put a disclaimer that it doesn't actually produce infinite coins. After that, sales plummeted and the product is discontinued.

Still better than that first production run — it used to come with 300 bits in it, and for some reason the company always lost money on sales — adding up the cost of the materials, construction, shelf space, transportation/distribution and everything came out to 14 bits per dispenser, and it sold for 15, so why it lost money on sales is still a mystery. But after some weeks of analysis they found it lost somewhere around 300 +/- 30 bits per sale. Baffling.

Plantar Fashiitis
So, do they just keep coins under their tongue like Bubble Bass whenever they plan to buy something, or are they just always hidden in there 🤔
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it looks like she produces the coins with her mouth rather than holding them, I can't unsee this now, thanks