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Here are the main six ships in the DarkVerse!

1. Fluttershy, Discord, and Zecora:
Discord quickly realized his feelings for Flutters after the TreeHugger incident. He spent most of his time with Flutters and they're are happily in a relationship. But when Zecora comes down with swamp fever and FlutterShy goes through all those lengths to make sure she's better, he quickly got jealous of the bond the two had that appeared to only be getting stronger. To stop this, Discord went back to his petty antics, but in doing this, was caught many times by Zecora, and eventually grew an interest in Zecora and her work. After a while, Discord, dramatically expresses he has love for both mares. This leads to a serious discussion between the three, and they eventually become a poly couple. They have two beautiful children!

2. Rarity and AJ:
After being together for a few years, AJ and Rarity decided to have a foal with Discord's help. Discord turned AJ into a stallion, long enough to impregnate Rarity. After returning to a mare, AJ craved to be a stallion again. She kept this urge quiet, until one day she broke down in front of a very pregnant Rarity. Rarity very loving told her that she'd love AJ whether mare or stallion. Thus having Discord change AJ back into a stallion, ironically the day before Pomme was born. They have one beautiful son.

3. RD and Captain Celaeno
RD was quick to ask Discord to change her into a stallion after seeing him to it do AJ, he stayed the same size much to his annoyance. Meeting Calaeno again, she was taken aback "Weren't you a girl last we met?" she asked with an arched eyebrow. After the shock and an explanation, they became drinking buddies and eventually lovers. RD and Calaeno live on completely different schedules, so they tend to meet up when they're jobs meet up. Being a wonder bolt and a pirate is hard! They have one handsome son, who mostly lives with Calaeno:

4. Tempest Shadow and Twilight Sparkle:
I didn't take long after the friendship festival for Tempest to realize her infatuation with Twilight. It didn't take Twilight much longer to notice Tempest quickly spying on her from behind doors or walls. When suggesting Tempest should try taking up being a royal guard as a job and something to do, she was at first hesitant. To give her motivation Twilight promises Tempest the place of her personal guard. After this Tempest trains long and hard and whilst the temptation of being Twilight's personal guard was there. Twilight pushed her to become Captain of the Royal Guard in ponyvile (This meaning she only has a few men, but is still close to Twilight). Somewhere along the way, something had just clicked and they've been a couple ever since. They have a beautiful daughter:

5. Pinkie Pie and Princess SkyStar
Little is known of what happened to Pinkie Pie when she ran off with her hypogriff bride. It's said they now live in the kingdom of the hypogriffs helping to rebuild, and having dozens of children on the way, but those are rumors mind you. It is unknown if Pinkie and SkyStar have any children.


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