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Some my of my ships. :3
Sorry for not so great art, but wanted to show some ships so..

FlutterhyxZecora, I imagine Fluttershy not even realizing she is in relationship with Zecora, because it happened so slow. "Oh crap I have a child" Okay not like that. Just one day her friends were like "Are you together or not?" And she realized that she was.

StartrackerxLimestone pie, So I wanted to imagine Startracker having huge crush to Twilight and cause twilight dosen't see him that way, somone beeing like "maybe you should look for someone else?" And realized that Limestone could be real annoyed that he does everything to get Twilights attention. But when he tries to talk to him, accidentally getting him to liking her. So yeah :3

Saffron MasalaxDaring do, I have this storyline with Daring do getting accidentally pregnant with Ahuizotl, And Saffron finding her tying to look after the child. So Saffron took her to live with her, and they fell in love

Maud piexEmber, Because Ember is having hard time doing "friendship thing" I think friendship (Love) with no need for lot of words could really work for her.

RarityxSassy saddles, In my nextgen universe Rarity and Fancypants were together and had a child, but later divorced. He got back to Fleur de lis Rarity was really sad after that, but sassy decided to comfort her and after time fell in love and they have happy live together now :3
safe1576864 artist:helianas11 daring do6074 fluttershy197933 limestone pie4712 maud pie11865 princess ember5808 rarity169829 saffron masala1576 sassy saddles933 star tracker338 zecora8792 dragon48237 once upon a zeppelin701 female900373 lesbian92264 male305886 maudember2 rarisaddles18 saffrondo1 shipping184166 shycora39 starstone1 straight121781 traditional art109382 watercolor painting2629


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