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Colour version of >>1603052
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Starlight’s village has many a thematic reference to things like Communism and Orwellian dictatorships, but Starlight’s philosophy has relatively little in common with actual Communism/Socialism, other than holding the concept of equality to a damagingly high pedestal. Her vision focuses on equality of ability, not status.

Not a single part of the episode implies that someone being in the lead is against her philosophy. The citizens’ objection to her was about her keeping her magic, not her leading them. She herself says that her keeping her cutie mark, while against her philosophy in the short term, is a necessary evil (in her eyes) so that they can expand her order and "help" other prospective ponies.

Also, this is a "Sparkles the Wonder Horse" joke comic, not a political commentary; there is no "central critique/message".

Finally, I have no idea why you are attacking people for making innocuous comments.
Starlight Glimmer’s initial radical equalist agenda has been widely understood for years to be a riff of real-world Marxist-Commune sensibilities, and the question Sparkles in posing above is equally applicable to either.
I repeat; pretending to be a retard and arguing semantics of delivery doesn’t invalidate the central critique/message being conveyed here. Die mad about it.
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Somebody has to take responsibility and do the job, even if everyone is equal.
Seems like you don‘t understand basic social dynamics much Sparkles.

The defining principle of a completely equitable/classless community is that there is no hierarchy or even division of labor. There can be no leadership of any kind except group consensus.
The stated goal of Marxist-Communism and derivative movements is the abolishment of all social structures that give people special roles or uneven power of others; and it is pertinent to point out how this is borderline impossible and almost never seriously attempted by the leaders of the Revolution when one wishes to challenge the tautological doctrine of communistic tyrants.
To claim an observer is “ignorant of social dynamics” when they call out a self-claimed communist/equalist commune for having a central governing/supervising figure is jaw-droppingly unself-aware at best of the what the problem is with communism in regards with theory-into-practice.
Tl;dr fuck off with your ass-backward deflection attempts, commie-apologist.
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Somebody has to take responsibility and do the job, even if everyone is equal.
Seems like you don‘t understand basic social dynamics much Sparkles.
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Background Pony #2A7
So, in the last panel, is she flying via jet propulsion? If you know what I mean. And I think you do.
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