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Fluttershy x Fire Streak
Applejack x Timber Spruce
Twilight Sparkle x Cheese Sandwich
Pokey Pierce x Rarity
Soarin x Pinkie Pie
Sunburst x Rainbow Dash
Gloriosa Daisy x Flash Sentry
Starlight Glimmer x Party Favor
Sunset Shimmer x Fancy Pants

Requested by

Pd: Sorry if I took too long, but I had many personal issues; but do not worry, your request has already been granted.
safe1586846 artist:3d4d1011 applejack159896 cheese sandwich3659 fancypants1789 fire streak223 flash sentry11941 fluttershy199782 gloriosa daisy1743 party favor1428 pinkie pie204435 pokey pierce1285 rainbow dash220962 rarity171137 soarin'13350 starlight glimmer44595 sunburst5949 sunset shimmer57547 timber spruce1822 twilight sparkle283855 alicorn199676 earth pony205980 pegasus247452 pony856983 applespruce18 crack shipping3473 female1207420 fireshy2 flashdaisy2 grin33420 male329537 mane six29691 mare427082 partyglimmer6 pokity1 rainburst2 shipping184596 shipping domino891 smiling218263 soarinpie54 stallion94414 straight122382 sunpants1 twicheese2 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116232


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Mista Guido

Kono Mista da!
To call this "crackshipping" feels like an insult to the term "crackshipping" it's more like "tryhardshipping" as in it'w obvious op only ships these specific pairings in an attemptvto be different from the norm.
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