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Rough sketch of my recent commission from Faline! Check out more of her art on Tumblr

The finished commission can be seen here on Derpi, or here at faline-art
safe1572659 artist:faline-art142 starlight glimmer43744 trixie61970 pony843648 belly button67307 bipedal30528 black and white12064 clothes408026 commission51663 cup5513 duo49302 duo female7596 ear fluff23190 female896819 floppy ears46540 giggling739 grayscale36163 hat76402 lineart19018 magic65698 monochrome147646 open mouth122712 raised eyebrow6160 raised hoof39186 scarf21077 shaded sketch21 simple background344507 sketch58680 smiling214344 teacup2597 telekinesis24637 underhoof46708 white background86775


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