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Name: Bedlam  
Gender: Male  
Species: Draconequus (goat head, lion chest, parrot wings, bear arm, zebra leg, alligator arm, leg and tail)
Bedlam is an oddity, even among draconequines: while most of his species live to cause mischief and chaos, Bedlam dreams of using his magic to help the less fortunate creatures of Equestria. This is easier said than done, as his attempts to help often cause more problems than they solve. As such, Bedlam refrains from using magic whenever he can, even resorting to walking on four legs instead of floating or flying. His fear of rejection and his own power keep Bedlam living a solitary life in a long-forgotten cave, but he sometimes journeys out to watch the ponies live their happy, humble lives. Perhaps one day, he might join them…


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