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After the last version of this image, I just cant believe he didn’t think to use this combination. Oh well, done now.

(Better quality version then the last one, with different text on the book, hopefully it get’s merged soon.)
suggestive128200 artist:pencils1206 edit117829 edited edit2241 editor:fuedra1 princess celestia90087 twilight sparkle282966 alicorn195620 ahegao21684 and that's how alicorns are made3 book30684 comic edit9 eyes rolling back1741 glasses54996 implied sex5352 improved version3 massage955 open mouth123351 pleasure359 sex107547 splurt8 surprise buttsex178 surprise sex420 that pony sure does love books1075 that pony sure does love celestia12 that's no eclair3 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115329


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