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safe1921162 artist:raridashdoodles326 rainbow dash254996 rarity199400 pegasus383327 pony1268614 unicorn421166 c:1291 christmas16584 christmas tree4890 clothes540753 comfy287 cookie4287 couch10207 cuddling9424 cute228646 dashabetes10680 duo100921 dvd419 eyes on the prize6135 female1556277 food83942 glowing horn24287 hat104192 hello kitty189 holiday25671 lesbian106594 levitation13840 long scarf9 magic83821 mare589136 milk5786 mistakes were made120 mug5209 present7116 raribetes6204 raridash2035 sanrio448 santa hat7019 scarf27142 shared clothing776 shared scarf677 shipping224877 smiling315935 snuggling6897 stuck3204 telekinesis32831 tree39250 unicorn master race157 wide eyes18492 wrapped up428


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I want to join them snuggly, cozy scarf land. That looks so comfortable and warm, I could stay in there forever.
Also, having two adorable ponies wouldn’t be too bad either I guess. xD
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Poor Dashie can’t reach the cookies or her mug. She really should speak up and remind Rarity that she can’t lift things with magic.
Background Pony #B842
Rarity is an expert at manipulating multiple objects with her telekinesis.  
She does it all the time while she makes dresses.  
She was barely able to manipulate three targets, though, after expending so much focus on one of them.  
Dash will be ok without her chocolate milk.