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A Request for DA user AplReach, a vector of movie-style Twilight. Traced from >>1557492

All those gradients and lightning effects on those models are a nightmare. Also, the colors are different from the show and afaik there are no swatch files for movie colors.

Edit: fixed the shape of Twilight's left sclera up a bit.
Editing this file is a nightmare, thanks lousy performance of inkscape's blur function.
safe1689470 artist:frownfactory753 twilight sparkle298354 alicorn221233 pony951145 my little pony: the movie18893 .svg available8240 adorkable3520 cute197319 dork3789 female1347394 happy30765 horn64090 hug request432 mare472663 movie accurate1217 simple background387606 smiling243480 solo1052487 spread wings53760 svg3581 transparent background199911 twiabetes11612 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122927 vector76189 wings103848


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I've always loved how expressive Twilight's wings are, even compared to pegasi. It's a very nice trait she gained from being an alicorn and adds another layer of depth to her already wonderful aesthetic.