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Please, think of the fillies, won’t you?
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@MirrorHeart: Maybe not so much DT, who just looks like she doesn’t want to get yelled at, but Silver Spoon looks absolutely [i]terrified[/i] of her mother finding out what she’s been up to.
That’s the face of a filly who knows she’s getting the belt across her backside when she gets home.

SS: Babs, please! We were friends just yesterday! You know what my Mom will do to me!

Whether that’s abuse or not is another debate entirely.
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Thanotos Omega
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The Great ,unicator
@BackgroundPony1 you know my comment was originally going to me asking how long until the fandom decides these two are the victims of abuse ain’t life funny like that
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SS and DT were actually freaked out because both of their mothers are dead.

You don’t want a vengeful pony ghost after you I tell you what.
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Babs: Yo, you got a problem with my friends?
Diamond Tiara: Well, what are you gonna do if I do?
Babs: I dunno, maybe tell yo mamas about yo bad behavior?
Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon: scared face
Babs: aside Ain’t I a stinker?
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Background Pony #D1F1
>Babs was only being bitchy because she got bullied back in Manehattan.
>SS & DT are bitchy all the time.
>SS & DT are absolutely terrified of their mothers finding out.

Conclusion: Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon both get beaten at home. These are two fillies that definitely get their plots whipped for every little transgression.
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