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safe1636653 artist:ohohokapi0 applejack164322 nurse redheart3433 sunset shimmer59944 constructive criticism154 equestria girls190725 equestria girls series30895 applejack's hat6192 bandage5362 belly button72593 belt5041 boots20446 breasts260031 broken hand24 busty applejack9822 busty nurse redheart402 busty sunset shimmer5071 cleavage32776 clothes434450 cowboy hat14327 denim skirt1402 dress42111 female1302632 geode of empathy2756 geode of super strength1828 hat81555 helloooooo nurse86 injured3205 jacket11631 leather jacket3081 legs7728 magical geodes7945 midriff18738 miniskirt4874 nurse purpleheart7 sad23432 scene interpretation8195 sexy27350 shoes33397 short shirt1437 skirt37636 stetson4912 thighs10667