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Patreon badge for ice1517 of their character Elizabat Stormfeather and Tempest Shadow, based on >>959820.
safe1588448 artist:dtkraus449 fizzlepop berrytwist8774 tempest shadow15620 oc612524 oc:elizabat stormfeather260 alicorn197973 bat pony43818 bat pony alicorn1573 pony855746 unicorn271124 derpibooru6919 my little pony: the movie17978 .svg available7510 broken horn12906 canon x oc22292 derpibooru badge133 eye scar4489 female919086 hug25675 lesbian92539 mare420892 meta16173 one eye closed25722 scar10570 shipping185572 show accurate11117 simple background349505 stormshadow70 svg3185 transparent background181014 vector71601


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