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safe1613530 artist:discorded377 limestone pie4728 marble pie6157 earth pony215264 pony881177 back to back265 cheek fluff4763 colored pupils8894 cute185891 duo52659 female1284029 floppy ears47737 fluffy13246 frown21815 gradient background11254 hair over one eye8371 implied marblemac39 implied shipping4553 implied straight5181 leg fluff2698 limabetes217 looking at you152154 looking back51815 looking back at you12375 marblebetes538 mare438660 pie sisters1166 plushie22484 shoulder fluff1552 siblings6855 sisters7801 sitting57366 smiling224062 unshorn fetlocks22370


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She appears many times throughout the series. I can remember at least 5 episodes where she is smiling for most of her screen time. And look at her in the comics, where she usually has a positive attitude. Sure, she tends to be a grump, but never very angry.
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Of her two real appearances, neither depict her as something other than grumpy at default. Even when she's at the graduation with nothing but her family, she still looks angry, even before annoyed by Pinkie.

There was one episode. One episode. A single episode of Limestone being aggressive for having so much work. And because of that single episode, almost every bit of art of her shows her looking angry.