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suggestive185111 artist:pencils1388 lyra heartstrings33447 princess celestia110279 alicorn301981 earth pony421294 pegasus469578 pony1474970 unicorn510859 comic:sunbutt sunday24 g41211715 :i1885 :o6203 background pony12052 blushing261095 blushing profusely3156 colt19861 comedy415 comic132090 covering eyes546 crown28489 dialogue88737 eating12890 eclair133 eyeshadow27451 female1735990 food96982 horn139071 jewelry106382 licking26658 magic93575 makeup37187 male528000 mare700709 not porn439 oblivious698 open mouth224493 peytral6606 princess celestia loves eclairs4 reacting to nudity455 regalia34553 speech bubble36678 spread wings88041 stallion183292 suggestive eating643 sweat38335 sweating towel guy109 telekinesis37744 thought bubble4994 tongue out141162 towel4759 varying degrees of want1043 want211 we bought two cakes134 wingboner9479 wings207020


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Background Pony #B2CB
Canterlot’s newest tourist attraction: The Princess Celestia Erotic Éclair Eating Competition!
Background Pony #2717
I would ask why you were eating eclairs in your underwear, but I think I don’t want to know more about your underwear’s suffering.

Oh well thank you very much now I have to change my underwear but shame on my for not having napkins next to me while searching for Celly.
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~

Are the two on the far right married? She looks like a wife giving her husband the stink eye for “getting ideas” lol