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suggestive167354 artist:pencils1351 lyra heartstrings31723 princess celestia103185 alicorn264417 earth pony338591 pegasus382613 pony1266767 unicorn420212 comic:sunbutt sunday24 :i1774 :o4866 background pony11034 blushing230995 blushing profusely2696 colt17333 comedy382 comic120959 covering eyes486 crown23327 dialogue77031 eating11220 eclair120 eyeshadow21157 female1554560 food83815 horn108692 jewelry85996 licking23430 magic83723 makeup29037 male441729 mare588123 not porn425 oblivious575 open mouth187523 peytral4597 princess celestia loves eclairs4 regalia27689 speech bubble29568 spread wings70820 stallion141148 suggestive eating585 sweat32086 sweating towel guy106 telekinesis32791 thought bubble4222 tongue out123825 towel4289 varying degrees of want907 want198 we bought two cakes130 wingboner8896 wings163113


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Background Pony #B2CB
Canterlot’s newest tourist attraction: The Princess Celestia Erotic Éclair Eating Competition!
Background Pony #2717
I would ask why you were eating eclairs in your underwear, but I think I don’t want to know more about your underwear’s suffering.

Oh well thank you very much now I have to change my underwear but shame on my for not having napkins next to me while searching for Celly.
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~

Are the two on the far right married? She looks like a wife giving her husband the stink eye for “getting ideas” lol