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Noticed this wasn’t on Derpi yet, so here it is. A comedic scene from PH in Star House.
safe1923117 artist:mistermech216 oc811784 oc only599161 oc:blackjack3011 oc:dealer39 oc:lacunae142 oc:morning glory (project horizons)517 oc:p-21314 oc:precious28 oc:rampage312 oc:scotch tape160 alicorn265205 cyborg4428 dragon68783 earth pony340177 pegasus384202 pony1270641 unicorn422158 fallout equestria20039 fallout equestria: project horizons3547 alicorn oc31863 artificial alicorn412 baby12089 baby dragon1750 barbed tail1 black and white15015 blushing231524 broken window157 cabinets6 ceiling light53 chair9742 coffee mug1610 concerned1031 cuddling9433 cutie mark51904 eyes closed115483 female1557840 filly81121 framed picture198 funny4723 gloryjack108 grayscale42971 grenade513 horn109195 hug32622 implied twilight sparkle2200 interrupted175 kissing28060 kitchen2207 lesbian106683 magic83920 magic aura6130 male442971 mane2483 mare590049 monochrome161376 mug5222 oblivious577 oc x oc19442 one eye closed38552 open door149 scene interpretation9726 shipping225081 sink589 smiling316531 smug7463 star house4 stripes1746 table10853 tail58557 traditional art128886 under the table465 wink28940 worried4713


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