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"She knows we can see her right…?" Zephyr Breeze whispered, motioning to the huge dragon hunched over behind the bushes. His wife wrinkled her nose in anger and sighed.

"Probably not… She must think she's so slick right now. I swear to god I will put her back in that egg…" Limestone hissed under her breath.

"Aw Limey- er, Limestone I'm sure she's just trying to make sure our picnic goes well." Zephyr fluttered his wings nervously, unnerved by Limestones bad mood.

"I don't care what she's trying to do! All I wanted was one day away from the kids, and here comes this nosy dragon tromping through our evening!" The mare stomped her hoof, and Zephyr winced.

"Let's just go to a cafe or something." He said, trying to calm her down.

"Yeah, whatever." Limestone sighed, and the couple got up and left. When they were gone, Fire Opal scooted out of the bushes in pursuit, still oblivious to how obvious she was.
safe1586026 artist:0rangedrink6 limestone pie4633 zephyr breeze2091 dragon48896 earth pony205641 pegasus247116 pony856142 adopted offspring938 female1186614 male325112 offspring34039 parent:limestone pie457 parent:oc:ametrine22 parent:oc:star sapphire22 parent:zephyr breeze613 parents:zephyrstone203 shipping184494 straight122274 zephyrstone29


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