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safe (1445556)artist:renokim (186)starlight glimmer (38852)trixie (56836)pony (713123)unicorn (210358)black and white (9767)cape (7826)clothes (361762)duo (40026)female (774889)grayscale (31495)guardians of harmony (410)hat (66111)mare (344475)monochrome (135805)rocket (666)sketch (53835)smiling (186309)toy (19650)toy interpretation (206)trixie's cape (2943)trixie's hat (3614)trixie's rocket (100)


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"This was Equestria’s first attempt at rocket-powered spaceflight. Unfortunately, it was not successful, though would-be astronauts Trixie and Starlight Glimmer recovered from the crash an ensuing burns."

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