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artist description:
Welcome to SunFlashLight Daily, a daily (with exceptions) series where I'll track my OTP through their normal lives as parents to their three children- Daybreak Sparkla, Amberwish, and Northern Lights. Join the family on the journey inspired by adgerellipone's SciSet Diary!
Check out SciSet Diary here!


Wonder what's got them so happy…
safe1573645 artist:ficklepickle942149 flash sentry12087 sunset shimmer57493 twilight sparkle282435 alicorn194916 pony844379 series:sunlightsentry weekly14 bisexual4946 crying40134 eyes closed80067 female897710 flashimmer1832 flashlight2562 flashlightshimmer64 happy27546 horn ring5044 lesbian92134 male304967 polyamory6140 shipping183763 straight121535 sunsetsparkle4722 tears of joy2144 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115055


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Background Pony #FE63
Are Daybreak and Northem Lights Flash and Twilight's babies? and is Amberwish Flash and Sunset's baby?