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suggestive129478 artist:conikiblasu-fan318 flash sentry12173 sci-twi22369 timber spruce1887 twilight sparkle284864 equestria girls182191 legend of everfree7442 afterglow1400 aftersex8507 bed36828 breasts243423 busty sci-twi495 busty twilight sparkle10661 cigarette3457 cuddling7877 devil's threeway1 female933620 flashlight2563 glasses55530 group sex13955 high res21968 implied nudity404 implied threesome178 male310517 messy hair792 mmf threesome1102 nudity338527 polyamory6257 satisfied154 shipping185714 smoking3844 straight122868 threesome9279 timberflashlight15 timbertwi408


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As long Timber Spruce got the from door of Twilight, I'm OKAY with that. No nice wet hole for century until he becomes a smart useful funny adorable strong men.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
Rarity: "Just Two darling?"
Fluttershy: "Oh that…um…seems…seems like a lot of work isn't it…having two boyfriends I Mean."
Applejack: "So which one are you gonna marry? Wait,your still a virgin right Twilight?"
Rainbow Dash: "Your gotta compare their stamina Twilight,See which guy is the Alpha male here. I know some positions you can do that really test a guys limits."
Pinkie: "…So which one has the bigger Dick? I need to know for the cake I'm making for your "Polygamy party!"
Sunset Shimmer: "So do you let them both in at once,Because I remember Flash always liked the "tighter" parts of girl if you know what I mean."
Background Pony #FC0B
plot twist: Flash and Timber were actually fucking each other while Twilight was watching and masturbating because she has a strong fetish for gays