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suggestive (111344)artist:conikiblasu-fan (302)flash sentry (10757)sci-twi (18426)timber spruce (1637)twilight sparkle (257000)equestria girls (156992)legend of everfree (6977)afterglow (883)aftersex (7098)bed (30454)breasts (198558)cigarette (2939)cuddling (6936)devil's threeway (1)female (743988)flashlight (2343)glasses (46143)group sex (11855)high res (16951)implied nudity (357)implied threesome (126)male (252116)messy hair (649)mmf threesome (404)nudity (290392)polyamory (3034)satisfied (115)shipping (161707)smoking (3353)straight (107787)threesome (7830)timberflashlight (11)timbertwi (336)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

As long Timber Spruce got the from door of Twilight, I’m OKAY with that. No nice wet hole for century until he becomes a smart useful funny adorable strong men.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

A waste of biomatter
Rarity: "Just Two darling?"
Fluttershy: "Oh that…um…seems…seems like a lot of work isn’t it…having two boyfriends I Mean."
Applejack: "So which one are you gonna marry? Wait,your still a virgin right Twilight?"
Rainbow Dash: "Your gotta compare their stamina Twilight,See which guy is the Alpha male here. I know some positions you can do that really test a guys limits."
Pinkie: "…So which one has the bigger Dick? I need to know for the cake I’m making for your "Polygamy party!"
Sunset Shimmer: "So do you let them both in at once,Because I remember Flash always liked the "tighter" parts of girl if you know what I mean."
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