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despite me not giving a shit for Valentines day (& anything else love & romance related), i wanted to do something for today.  
i think there ain’t enough Reversalis pictures around, particularly sexy & tasteful anthro pics anyway so i thought ol’ good Chrysalis would be perfect for it. i would’ve drawn a sexy Princess Cadance as well, but this alone will do for now.  
hope you like & hope you have a good day, single (which i am & have no problem with) or not.
suggestive165003 artist:killerteddybear94259 queen chrysalis38026 anthro299704 adorasexy11018 babydoll307 beautisexy1158 bed47569 belly button91159 big breasts99492 blue underwear2540 bow35002 breasts323798 busty queen chrysalis4319 clothes532916 cute225387 cutealis2270 female1535560 flower30733 frilly underwear4637 glasses73488 holiday25454 lingerie11858 looking at you203359 mare577462 milf11138 mirror universe1115 nightgown1636 open mouth183297 panties55485 reversalis267 ribbon7948 ring4702 rose4494 sexy35364 smiling308865 solo1209896 solo female199352 traditional art127491 underwear67945 valentine's day4172 wedding ring952


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That sounds adorable.
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