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Happy Valentine's day! It's chocolate, I promise.

An entry for an art jam, this week's theme was Valentine's Day or hearts and hooves…which ever puts the wind in your sails.
suggestive (122669) artist:mrleft (105) rarity (165118) twilight sparkle (274564) applejack's hat (4810) belly (22936) big belly (7753) chocolate (2812) chocolate heart (24) cowboy hat (12156) female (848882) fetish (33031) food (57405) hat (72314) implied applejack (556) lesbian (89103) licking (17157) little miss rarity (4) preyjack (168) rarilight (1714) raripred (358) shipping (177129) tickling (3983) tongue out (85167) tummylingus (70) vore (13247)


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #017B
Rarity:mmmmm Twilight darling you were absolutely right ponies are delicious! Now I know why alicorns do this

Twilight:haha I take it enjoyed your little meal.

Rarity:Yes I did. Applejack was a good friend but she made an even better meal. The meal best I’ve ever had in fact.

Twilight:licks Rarity’s belly

Rarity:You aren’t going eat me now are you?

Twilight:Of course not babe. Even if this chocolate you put here makes you taste absolutely delicious. Besides I was thinking that since you ate Applejack I’d have Pinkie Pie. slightly evil smile

Rarity:oh oh oh. Aren’t you getting evil same smile Well once you find and eat her. Why don’t we have Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for desert, maybe dinner later or do want to save them for another time.

Twilight:Well it looks like my beautiful mare is taking after me and to answer your question I think they may find out we ate AJ and Pinkie so let’s have them for dinner. Now I’m going hunting for my lunch her and Rarity kiss

Evil Rarilight because why not. And I Don’t know why I made this comment so long