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it’s the thought that counts
safe1921661 artist:dragonpone353 derpibooru exclusive32952 spike85878 twilight sparkle327111 dragon68635 pony1269004 unicorn421391 :<1291 abstract background19863 butt freckles2434 cheek fluff7555 chest fluff50675 crystal heart1051 cute228720 dialogue77142 ear tufts840 eyebrows13804 eyebrows visible through hair7220 eyes closed115349 female1556680 fluffy16256 freckles34861 happy36953 heart58414 lidded eyes37178 male442585 mare589366 older32870 older spike7647 present7118 raised eyebrow7657 sharp teeth4865 shipping224931 sitting75566 smiling316074 spikabetes2381 spread wings70947 straight155306 teenage spike1211 teenager5782 teeth13807 text72843 twispike1810 unamused19684 unicorn twilight24255 wavy mouth4565 winged spike9194 wings163455 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2569


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