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safe1945712 screencap257276 sunset shimmer71566 twilight sparkle330037 alicorn269700 pony1295446 unicorn433665 equestria girls230792 equestria girls series38323 forgotten friendship6168 animated111642 bipedal43086 book38756 don't take this away from me9 duo107050 female1579067 that pony sure does love books1264 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137289


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I actually thought season 7, after four long years, finally started doing something interesting with that Twilight, but I too would welcome a full-fledged return to Full Dork Ahead mode. I was starting to think I was alone in missing the “old” Twilight.

How is it that the EG special got pony Twilight more right for her character in terms insecurity, lust for reading, and not just being the straight mare; more then most episodes in the last 4 seasons or so?
Remember Twilight doing the dorky “sweep, sweep” chant? Yeah, that twilight. That Twilight is pony Twilight done right, like here. Let’s get more of that.
Background Pony #CBD1
Took drama lessons from Rarity it seems. Or maybe unicorns are a little more dramatic in general hehe