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suggestive126367 artist:zev847 princess luna93196 anthro226341 boob window1042 both cutie marks9136 breasts235366 busty princess luna5944 cleavage30393 curvy5660 evening gloves7437 female881416 femdom6569 latex10136 looking at you140833 lunadom30 middle finger1030 simple background338492 smiling210726 solo960535 solo female166834 spread wings46881 vulgar19417 wings72377


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20 comments posted
Background Pony #3D8D
I have a problem with this drawing that I do not know how is located right hand of the ring finger. I would try to draw and I need to know in which position it is located.
Pencil Sketch

I take it has she is beckoning with her middle finger. she is giving us the bird while she is telling us to come to her, so I say she is say "Come hither and fuck the bird."