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Angry warhorse wife inbound

Bonus: https://sta.sh/01u6s8ro59bn
suggestive (122054) artist:helixjack (232) tempest shadow (14363) twilight sparkle (273911) rubber pony (146) my little pony: the movie (17298) angry (22642) book (29193) comic (97113) commission (46683) dialogue (56437) female (844681) females only (10314) fetish (32896) glowing horn (15360) golden oaks library (4342) latex (9676) nervous (4765) rubber (1282) shiny (1885) sound effects (1391) sparking horn (593) spellbook (237) squeak (173) sweat (21596) time paradox (345) transformation (9256)


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Background Pony #C56B
Not sure how they could be doing this at the old Golden Oaks, but what the hey. It's not like anyone enjoying this image is paying close attention to the background anyway.