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semi-grimdark27998 suggestive127883 artist:invisibleguy-ponyman536 applejack158722 bon bon15623 lyra heartstrings27774 queen chrysalis32286 rainbow dash219212 sweetie drops15623 comic:lyra-lyra's bizarre adventure266 equestria girls179917 ball pit120 ballpen7 barefoot24280 belly button67431 breasts239282 clothes408529 colosseum37 comic101300 dashcon74 escalator46 feet34558 female898028 jojo's bizarre adventure2498 mall229 nudity333333 r-dash 5000147 silhouette2359 stand570 strategically covered2639 to be continued328


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Planeswalker — FoME
Brilliant plan! Have your foes destroy their enemies so you can steal those enemies and throw them at the people who've already beaten them!

… Wait.