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suggestive188553 artist:conikiblasu-fan337 edit171135 sunset shimmer78367 equestria girls253119 equestria girls series40301 forgotten friendship6444 g42005140 ass80708 assisted exposure2134 beach21718 bottomless16954 bunset shimmer2822 butt226521 clothes624998 commando590 coppertone parody55 drone667 embarrassed15057 embarrassed nude exposure2801 female1779280 humiliation2734 implied lesbian4671 implied scitwishimmer244 implied shipping7021 implied sunsetsparkle349 no panties2963 nude edit3944 nudity504588 partial nudity28824 partial nudity edit996 selfie drone118 sexy45187 skirt54563 skirt lift5405 solo1408704 solo female230128 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1545


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Background Pony #BB10
what in god’s name…
growling in the form of a comment? that’s the most ridiculous thing.
also the term “boi” is not used to determine gender, but rather to draw attention to the stupidity of an action, phrase, conversation, or scenario from one person to another
Background Pony #166A
First the robots take your jobs-then they take your waifus! Damn you Skynet!