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It's been a while since i flatly coloured this, so i got Royalagate to shade it.
My horrible flat colour >>1451517
Original >>1358283
safe1555799 artist:royalagate9 artist:transparentist14 artist:tsitra3601132 color edit7004 derpibooru exclusive23819 edit114655 oc593878 oc only404234 oc:fleet wing283 oc:honeymelon blitz5 changeling39078 earth pony190616 pony826980 blue tongue72 colored17377 colored sketch2482 fangs21579 female880088 fetish34326 imminent vore2063 implied vore816 macro10280 male299169 micro8391 no pupils3392 open mouth120430 running5184 scared9126 shading edit15 sharp teeth3118 simple background337965 stare down84 staredown16 teeth7585 tongue out88584 transparent background176201


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