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Full resolution version which I got as commissioner, lower resolution version can be found at the Source URL.
suggestive125999 artist:fatfurparadise128 oc592624 oc only403721 oc:chloride cull15 oc:sweets10 earth pony190032 pegasus231982 pony825156 belly23682 belly blush10 blushing172276 button popping178 clothes400127 concerned725 digital art10837 eyes closed78020 fat19493 fat fetish1125 fetish34230 jacket10498 long tail1992 male298610 males only3382 necktie6028 plump6559 scrunchy face6770 shirt20544 short mane699 simple background337068 sitting53689 spread wings46722 stallion90204 standing9749 surprised7888 wardrobe malfunction4428 wing blush6 wings71709


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