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This fanfic tells the story of Sunset's erotic fantasies with her imaginary boyfriend Dusk Shine, a combination of Twilight's cuteness and innocence and Flash's sexiness and manliness, no need to tell that this is a +18 fanfic, enjoy it.
suggestive127916 artist:drewmwhit78 artist:huntercwalls34 artist:trotsworth210 edit117512 sunset shimmer57534 twilight sparkle282551 human141963 equestria girls179990 bare chest2332 blushing175678 clothes408652 dusk shine2201 duskshimmer64 equestria guys951 fanfic in the description157 female898345 full moon2888 half r63 shipping1662 lake1397 looking at each other16342 male305199 moon21019 night22693 nudity333429 partial nudity16875 rule 6325189 sci-dusk45 shipping183863 skinny dipping640 stars13403 straight121613 sunsetsparkle4723 text51035 topless11006 wet hair666


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