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March 11-17, 2018.
Coloring of Valentine’s Day stream sketch by John Joseco (originally posted in part 2 of the sketch dumps).
suggestive170190 artist:johnjoseco4501 artist:king-kakapo1274 color edit8346 edit154467 fluttershy235811 twilight sparkle330082 human198107 adorasexy11227 bed49217 belly button94069 big breasts104095 blushing234733 bra18891 breast envy522 breasts336036 busty fluttershy20611 cleavage40292 clothes549686 colored21880 cute232065 cutie mark on human2365 embarrassed13386 eyes on the prize6208 female1579504 frilly underwear4692 humanized108992 implied lesbian4122 implied shipping6084 implied twishy32 lingerie12220 panties56765 purple underwear2314 ribbon8076 sexy36729 shyabetes16688 sitting77078 socks80173 stockings41130 thigh highs47499 twiabetes13668 underwear69670 white underwear3684


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