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Choku decided that it would be a good idea to pick Star and carry her. But, it seems like neither her nor Scrib is alright with this idea!
safe (1126708)artist:mimisaurusrex (74)oc (373271)oc:choku-dori (3)oc:scrib (5)oc:stargazer lily (14)bat pony (23027)chibi (7983)ear fluff (9011)fangs (10454)female (424979)furious (72)grumpy (1456)hairtie (10)holding a pony (1405)holding on (22)jealous (744)looking down (2908)male (131245)mare (178433)pegasus (103511)pigtails (1846)pony (414238)pouting (1219)scared (5289)size difference (6774)smiling (117584)stallion (39255)tattoo (2429)unicorn (101743)worried (1710)
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