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Artist Comment:

My cover for issue 67 of MLP:FIM from IDW Publishing! The story called for Rarity to see the return of old fashions (We never specifically call them 80's fashions so as not to make Rarity… well, as old as me, but anyway).

While I chose some specific outfits for the cover, not every pony is exactly any one particular entity. For me, these fashions were fairly easy… I was in high school when they were all popular! For Rarity I used Prince's "Purple Rain" outfit, Rainbow reflects the Aerobics craze with ONJ's "Physical" outfit, Applejack is cobbled together from various elements of the "Urban Cowboy" craze, Spike rocks MJ's "Thriller" outfit (although it honestly makes me think more of Beverly Hills Cop). For Pinkie there's no better choice than Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual" album cover outfit/pose. Fluttershy embodies every fashion and hair style worn by the girls in my school… especially those twisted bead necklaces. For Twilight, I wanted to show some of the recent 80's nostalgia craze (That's what the fashion in the issue is all about, anyway!) and put her in Barb's clothing from Stranger Things, complete with Trapper Keeper.

And anything 80's has to have big big feathered and layered hair, crispy with hairspray. And blue eye shadow everywhere.

Done with copic markers and india ink and paint on Strathmore bristol board at 11x17, with a digital background in photoshop.
safe1726569 artist:andypriceart3102 angel bunny9919 applejack171494 fluttershy214837 pinkie pie218143 rainbow dash236145 rarity183589 spike79473 twilight sparkle303041 alicorn228383 dragon57457 earth pony256394 pegasus299816 pony986855 unicorn332126 spoiler:comic6790 80's fashion93 80s1099 abstract background15242 air guitar37 alternate hairstyle28596 applejack's hat7699 bangles121 belt5624 belt buckle277 big hair425 binder41 book33920 boots22388 bracelet9665 clothes467016 cowboy boots1566 cowboy hat16334 cyndi lauper14 denim jacket32 dress45238 ear piercing27021 earring21622 eyes closed95557 eyeshadow16075 female1380941 fishnets5387 flower26160 glasses63070 hair spray22 hairspray39 hat88311 headband3500 high res31118 jeans4221 jewelry65657 leg warmers2503 leotard4650 looking at you172042 makeup22104 male379957 mane six32230 mare490734 mohawk778 necklace19367 pants14909 piercing42107 robe3703 ruffled shirt10 safety pin190 sequins43 shampoo312 shoulder pads97 sunflower501 sweatband560 sweater14698 sweatpants369 trapper keeper6 turtleneck1483 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124872 weights384 wristband3708


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