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Screenshots from my recently released mod for Fallout 4, which is based upon Burgerkiss’ picture, >>1563740
suggestive (112870)artist:evan555alpha (180)queen chrysalis (29227)anthro (200282)3d (51277)armor (18735)big breasts (56275)bikini (13699)bikini bottom (678)bikini top (1096)boots (16004)bra (12293)breasts (203024)busty queen chrysalis (2607)clothes (354852)crown (10692)fallout (2729)fallout 4 (636)female (758004)girdle (46)gloves (14239)hair (1121)hand on head (1219)hand on hip (3580)huge breasts (25728)jewelry (38852)latex (8553)looking at you (120132)peytral (1622)pipboy (398)regalia (12201)shoes (24001)sideboob (7794)side view (892)socks (49011)solo (874385)solo female (154700)swimsuit (20866)thigh highs (23450)thunder thighs (4968)tights (467)unconvincing armor (916)underwear (49553)


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Mal Hearts

I can’t wait to get a computer so I can give this mod a test run…

Queen Chrysalis leading an army of clone troopers against Nazi BoS soldiers… Going to be a awesome battle..
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