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safe1970545 artist:atlas-66209 fleetfoot2431 pegasus406172 pony1322257 bathing1102 cute236038 diafleetes74 digital art25690 eyes closed120593 featured image1065 female1602232 forest12800 high res86640 mare617750 outdoors16025 scenery9291 scenery porn980 showering440 smiling330878 solo1267657 sunset6641 tree41395 water18825 waterfall1990 waterfall shower99


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Crimson Prose
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Gore Fics For Fun
There are people that come here just to demean every image that gets featured because they are angry that something they like wasn’t featured. It’s the same mentality as a lot of people that hate MLP because it’s more popular than something they like.
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Photographer of lewd
Literally the only thing that seems a remotely bit off to me is how solid the very first row of feathers looks. Looks a little jagged. The ears might be a little big as well.
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This drawing is terrible, I’m sorry I did not have the experience to draw the perfect image.  
If there are people here who understand this, you can tell me what is wrong with this picture, I really don’t mind criticism.  
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Photographer of lewd
Seriously? Have you ever stretched your back? I know you have. Is it lewd when you stretch your back? No, it isn’t. The same thing goes with ponies. This is how they stretch their backs.