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En español:

(Sunset Shimmer) Gracias por venir a verme Príncipe Dusk

(Dusk Shine) Quería ver como has estado

(Sunset Shimmer) Gracias por pensar mi Dusk, a propósito que sabés del presumido e ingreido de Sunset Glare

(Dusk Shine) no se mucho solo se que fue a entrenar con el mago Time Tunnel para perfeccionar su fuerza espiritual

(Sunset Shimmer) fue porque lo derrotó Atomic Lynx verdad

(Dusk Shine) así es, mientras el este entrenando Scherzo Lesto se ocupará de pelear en su lugar

(Sunset Shimmer) vaya si que Sunset confía mucho en Scherzo y pensar que que hasta ahora yo no he sabido nada de Las Dazzlings como es posible que el contraparte de Sonata se volviera bueno y que Sunset lo perdonará

(Dusk Shine) no lo se pero Sunset se enoja si alguien le toca el tema de Scherzo

(Sunset Shimmer) bueno mejor compraré un capuchino y quiero pasarla bien contigo Príncipe Dusk

(Dusk Shine) igual yo quiero pasarlo bien contigo Sunset

In english:

(Sunset Shimmer) Thanks for coming to see me Prince Dusk

(Dusk Shine) I wanted to see how you've been

(Sunset Shimmer) Thanks for thinking about my Dusk, on purpose that you know about the assumption and income of Sunset Glare

(Dusk Shine) I do not know much that I went to train with the Time Tunnel magician to perfect his spiritual strength

(Sunset Shimmer) was because Atomic Lynx defeated him true

(Dusk Shine) That's right, while the East is training Scherzo Lesto will take care of fighting instead

(Sunset Shimmer) what if Sunset trusts Scherzo a lot and to think that until now I have not heard anything about The Dazzlings as it is possible that Sonata's counterpart turned good and that Sunset will forgive him

(Dusk Shine) I do not know, but Sunset gets angry if someone touches the subject of Scherzo

(Sunset Shimmer) Well I better buy a cappuccino and I want to have fun with you Prince Dusk

(Dusk Shine) Like I want to have fun with you Sunset

Hablando de Sunset y Scherzo by Mytri-Atari

Speaking of Sunset and Scherzo by Mytri-Atari
safe1577413 artist:mytri-atari9314 sonata dusk12612 sunset shimmer57728 twilight sparkle282980 oc606040 oc:time tunnel1 equestria girls180485 dusk shine2205 duskshimmer64 equestria guys952 female900784 half r63 shipping1735 male306063 rule 6325247 scherzo lesto95 shipping184224 straight121834 sunset glare260 sunsetsparkle4717


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