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safe1557919 artist:pyruvate576 ace302 ace point68 allie way548 aloe2408 angel bunny9329 apple bloom46223 applejack157411 aunt orange346 babs seed5620 berry punch6067 berryshine6058 big macintosh26693 blossomforth1340 blues906 bon bon15496 braeburn6083 bulk biceps3202 button mash3752 caramel2341 carrot cake2014 carrot top5121 cheerilee9293 cheese sandwich3582 cherry jubilee1009 chickadee816 chief thunderhooves255 cloud kicker1704 cloudchaser3681 cloudy quartz1197 coco pommel5431 coloratura2661 colter sobchak117 cookie crumbles896 covalent bond85 crafty crate101 cranky doodle donkey906 cup cake3714 daisy2200 daring do5973 derpy hooves47971 diamond tiara9597 discord28454 dj pon-327938 doctor horse366 doctor muffin top67 doctor stable372 doctor whooves10011 double diamond1548 dumbbell601 fancypants1753 featherweight1202 fido500 filthy rich1062 flam2002 flash sentry11986 fleur-de-lis3322 flim2125 flitter2897 flower wishes2066 fluttershy195998 gilda9044 gizmo174 golden harvest5121 granny smith4952 gummy4785 gustave le grande218 hoity toity948 hondo flanks466 hoops402 hugh jelly231 igneous rock pie809 iron will1291 jeff letrotski179 jesús pezuña42 junebug331 king sombra12560 lickety split265 lightning bolt816 lightning dust4178 lilac luster22 lily1760 lily valley1760 limestone pie4667 linky1318 little strongheart727 lotus blossom2557 lyra heartstrings27527 marble pie6058 matilda454 maud pie11782 mayor mare3032 mercury238 merry may675 midnight strike57 minuette5325 moondancer4353 mosely orange137 mr breezy52 ms. harshwhinny2196 ms. peachbottom816 night glider1234 night light1951 nightmare moon15900 noi576 noteworthy907 nurse coldheart184 nurse redheart3228 nurse snowheart143 nurse sweetheart244 nurse tenderheart84 nursery rhyme53 octavia melody22102 opalescence1951 owlowiscious1895 party favor1418 photo finish2504 pinkie pie201598 pipsqueak2696 powder rouge114 prim hemline160 prince blueblood3797 princess cadance30155 princess celestia89155 princess luna93273 quarterback185 queen chrysalis31960 rainbow blaze519 rainbow dash217446 rarity168208 roid rage340 roseluck4626 rover967 rumble3774 sapphire shores978 scootaloo48871 screw loose546 screwball1418 sea swirl1390 seabreeze484 seafoam1389 shining armor21570 shoeshine1436 silver shill167 silver spoon6183 snails5125 snips3986 soarin'13264 spike74284 spitfire12704 spoiled rich967 spot429 starlight glimmer43105 starry eyes (character)236 stellar eclipse172 strike68 sugar belle2624 sunset shimmer56770 suri polomare1112 svengallop321 sweetie belle46318 sweetie drops15496 tank2561 theodore donald "donny" kerabatsos74 thunderlane3792 time turner9996 toe-tapper216 tree hugger2635 trenderhoof828 trixie61317 truffle shuffle413 twilight sky108 twilight sparkle280121 twilight velvet3768 twist2781 uncle curio126 uncle orange285 vinyl scratch32034 white lightning815 wild fire895 wind glider1 wind rider205 winona2419 zecora8703 alicorn191529 breezie2021 buffalo568 changeling39192 diamond dog3204 donkey1572 draconequus8632 dragon46737 earth pony191690 griffon24488 pegasus233317 pony828991 unicorn258747 yak3759 zebra15472 /k/57 aa-1215 ak-47308 assault rifle707 carrot cup259 clown629 colt13153 colt .453 cutie mark crusaders17547 desert eagle114 dual pistols37 dual wield339 everypony358 female882071 filly58512 flamethrower344 flim flam brothers1172 flintlock60 flower trio514 glasses54012 glock114 glock 1745 glock 189 gun14417 halo (series)454 handgun2350 help me im trapped in a tag factory3 hoof shoes3925 katana810 knife4740 lmg8 long description126 m16132 m188712 m4a159 m926 mac-1015 male299728 mane seven5851 mane six29042 mare405557 mini uzi2 minigun410 mp559 mp730 night guard1727 p9054 part of a series2144 part of a set9264 pistol1858 pony warfare6 rara1002 revolver1479 rifle3344 rocket launcher448 royal guard6995 rpg983 score236 shotgun1349 sibsy518 sniper rifle926 sombra eyes2869 spas-1256 stallion90640 sword10469 the big lebowski126 this will end in tears and/or death2084 tommy gun202 trigger discipline217 ump4515 uzi44 wall of tags2250 weapon26801 xm810


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Background Pony #68DD
I made an account to say if I was in there with my Auger — Abolisher, it would be a wrap
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Cloudchaser's is a Beretta ARX160? A good choice, though quite a disparity vs. poor Flitter. But Luna with the Barrett Light 50 is probably the single most appropriate one.

I wasn't actually planning to favorite this, but now I think I will.

Ruwa is best waifu.
Gun! Gun! Gun! I love seeing my waifu with a firearm! In fact I generally like when a girl wields firearms… In fact the woman I love does.

>Roseluck with an FN Scar

Coincidentally, one of my top choices for pony weapon finishes in Left 4 Dead 2.

Discord with a Thompson seems appropriate, and please tell me that's an AWM in Octavia's hooves.

And lastly, when you freedom so hard even your pets have guns!

I've said my piece. Have a nice day.

it would have been funny if Tree Hugger was the only one without a gun and instead was holding a protest sign with the peace symbol on it. you know because she's a hippie

if Pinkie had the USP45, that would be a nice shout out to MW3

(the one I mean is used in "Mind The Gap", and it comes with a knife and suppressor)