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Background Pony #8253
Is anyone else surprised whenever DinkySqueak resurfaces? It's like seeing a ghost from the early days of the fandom.
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
@Background Pony #7B51
Wouldn't it be the other way around? Children learn behaviors from their parents (positive or negative) and quite a few bullies have abusive parents. I'm pretty sure Spoiled was a jerk before her daughter was.
Background Pony #7AF5
@Background Pony #7B51
@Background Pony #A1F2
Diamond lost the election and helped to fix the playground.

It is called forgiveness.

And had she not lost the election on top of the CMCs desperately trying to help her absolutely nothing would change.

Sorry, she just doesn't score high in my books for reasons stated.
Background Pony #7AF5
@Background Pony #7B51
She literally only did that because
1,) the Cmcs helped redeem her
2,) in doings so they helped her realize she was a total ass to ss in addition to ss unfriending her

It's for the same reason I don't like Babs. Neither learned the errors of their ways themselves without others spoonfeeding them or had any comeuppance so I don't think their acts should be excused