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My Life As A Short Dragon 16
“My Life As A Mummy In The Nightmare Night”
Spike is an adult. But nopony know about it because his short status fool them all. (His small size cause by lack of meat and greed). And ever since he hit puberty. He start to see ladies around him in the new light…Something he didn’t notice before…
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suggestive167233 artist:vavacung2636 nightmare moon18345 spike85786 alicorn264097 dragon68251 pony1265115 comic:my life as a short dragon107 blood27740 both cutie marks12191 butt155093 clothes539782 costume33308 dialogue76947 dock59427 duo100375 ethereal mane10209 featureless crotch7850 female1553156 full moon4050 funny4694 galaxy mane1298 looking at you207038 looking back70579 looking back at you21464 male441183 mare587256 moon26944 mummy589 nicemare moon240 night31218 night sky2105 nightmare moonbutt512 nightmare night5175 nosebleed2603 open mouth187242 plot106347 raised hoof57233 rear view17085 sexy35963 sharp teeth4849 shrunken pupils4709 sky17939 slit pupils5854 speech3283 speech bubble29527 spread wings70661 starry night802 stupid sexy nightmare moon911 teeth13719 wings162742


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Background Pony #9593
“Tomato juice. Totally tomato juice and NOT me bleeding from the nose. Yup.”
Background Pony #0E58
lol. Also Pinkie could be here in her halloween costume aka Zalgo pinkie for bonus, then it could be more awesome
Background Pony #E1ED
this is not how sfw should look like.  
those seperated legs looks just bad that way.  
you can draw the part were the genitals would be. just without the genitals.  
that would looks sooooo much better. this looks just cheap.
Background Pony #0B15
Can’t wait for when he finally snaps, pounces, and goes to town on them.