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Artist's Description:

Updated collage designs for Everfree Northwest 2018! You can pick either of these up as blankets, wallscrolls, and mousepads. Oh and glasses cloths. You know those things you use to clean smudges off your glasses? Well now you can wipe a smudge with more than 110 Sweetie Belles at once! (Actually come to think of it it’s probably closer to 60, I had to crop it for that one… whatever)

I love both of these, it’s so nice to see all my work come together like this. It’s getting to the point where I’ve got too much art though, I think I’m going to have to start applying some borders and being more selective about which art I feature on these in the future. Maybe make some color regions and stuff and get all compositional about it, really make it feel like something new. Maybe I’ll limit it to the most recent 100 Sweetie Belles for that collage? Not sure yet but I’ve got some ideas on how I want to change things for the next update.

Another quick thing of note, the all-horses collage is a blanket version while the sweetie collage is a print version. The blankets have no outer border but the smaller prints do, I think it helps with readability when it’s printed on something smaller. On blankets though that’s not a problem, I just thought I’d give you guys a taste of both.

These two versions will only appear at EFNW 2018, so I hope you Seattle types like em! Can’t wait to get back out there
safe1689461 artist:bobdude0291 apple bloom49000 applejack168470 big macintosh28050 bon bon16226 cheerilee9909 coco pommel5904 derpy hooves49883 diamond tiara10161 dinky hooves4366 dj pon-329074 fluttershy210878 hondo flanks536 lyra heartstrings29309 maud pie12369 octavia melody23623 philomena1067 pinkie pie214584 princess cadance32477 princess celestia94288 princess flurry heart7172 princess luna98467 rainbow dash232060 rarity180231 scootaloo50975 shining armor22954 silver spoon6485 soarin'13893 spike78299 spitfire13324 starlight glimmer48151 sunset shimmer62285 sweetie belle48671 sweetie drops16227 tempest shadow16698 tom883 tree hugger2801 trixie66877 twilight sparkle298354 vinyl scratch29074 zecora9284 alicorn221233 earth pony242359 pegasus285232 phoenix1762 pony951140 unicorn316049 zebra17471 my little pony: the movie18893 adorabon642 apple bloom's bow1307 applejack's hat6991 aweeg*347 behaving like a cat2155 big macintosh's yoke90 book33092 bow28063 box4566 butt bump732 cape10146 cheeribetes407 clothes453315 cocobetes664 collage1351 cookie3625 cookie jar350 cowboy hat15413 crying43004 cute197317 cutedance1239 cutefire213 cutie mark crusaders18892 diamondbetes529 equestria's best daughter204 equestria's best mother642 eye scar4995 family4378 father and child818 father and daughter2530 female1347389 filly65466 filly celestia348 filly luna340 flower25229 flurrybetes946 foal15349 food69004 glowing horn19274 hair bow15243 hat85439 horn64090 hug27923 if i fits i sits139 lasso1248 lesbian95805 levitation11939 logo3579 lyrabon3275 macabetes512 magic72377 magic aura3952 male366992 mane bow185 mane seven6465 mane six31669 mare472661 maudabetes473 mother and child2223 mother and daughter5806 mouth hold17240 multeity2202 my little pony logo3663 needle691 one eye closed29977 pony in a box963 puffy cheeks3838 rope11322 royal sisters4356 s1 luna7232 scar11797 scootaloo is not amused158 scootaloo's scooter6 scootalove1689 shipping197910 signature23820 silverbetes298 stallion106553 teary eyes3995 telekinesis27287 that pony sure does love books1134 tongue out102189 trixie's cape3732 trixie's hat4523 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122927 unamused15950 vinylbetes661 wall of tags2958 wings103847 wink24328 woona5049 younger17203 zecorable202


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