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explicit (278246)alternate version (22837)artist:justafallingstar (163)oc (516606)oc:cool firefly (76)oc only (359609)oc:vibrant star (54)abdominal bulge (4449)anal (22604)arms behind head (2581)ballgag (5820)balls (57003)blushing (151261)bondage (26315)bondage cuffs (427)bondage gear (777)bound (1238)choker (6976)clothes (349493)collar (24230)cuffs (2923)cum (63933)dark genitals (7901)erection (8625)femboy (6385)femboy dom (10)femboy on top (37)floppy ears (40637)gag (11533)garter belt (2809)garters (2139)gay (22368)gaydom (276)gradient background (8777)harness balgag (54)harness gag (121)heart (37262)horsecock (50449)leash (5831)leg warmers (1817)male (252000)maledom (3620)malesub (3032)nudity (290305)off shoulder (1043)orientation play (108)pegasus (182433)penetration (40389)penis (119795)pony (675498)ponytail (12899)sex (92254)shirt (16778)socks (48270)spread wings (40203)stockings (24967)striped socks (16368)submissive (9731)thigh highs (22928)wingboner (7202)wings (51003)


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Background Pony #1C8A
This is how to be dominant and also the one who is getting fucked. My bf is not able to understant that concept tho :P
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