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From Tumblr:

Here’s an old animated commission I did for Official_VooDoo and A2Rhombus. This just just an outline for the final product that was sent for approval. A finished version was made, but it was lost on a hard drive that was damaged in a car accident.
safe1688204 artist:witchtaunter443 oc673217 oc only442279 oc:ginger58 oc:synth wave5 pegasus284797 pony949927 unicorn315544 animated97664 black and white12710 cute197138 eyes closed91365 floppy ears51355 frame by frame4006 gay27129 gif30462 grayscale37642 horn63897 kissing24352 looking at each other19696 male366527 monochrome148491 shrunken pupils3055 simple background387205 sitting62199 smiling243183 surprise kiss788 white background96060 wide eyes16899


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Artist -

Whee that's me! Synth is actually a pegasus not an earth pony, changed the tag. Love this gif glad people are getting to see it <3