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“You’re soooooo cute, Zeph.”

“Uhh…thanks Limey. Ooh, watch where you’re grabbing. Tree Hugger’s right there.”

“Aw, she don’t mind. Heh heh, your fur is so soft. Treesy, feel how soft his fur is.”

“Far out, it is soft…”

“Ladies, please…you will be the death of me…”
safe1588839 artist:kindheart525723 limestone pie4649 tree hugger2618 zephyr breeze2094 earth pony206620 pegasus248175 pony860526 kindverse856 bloodshot eyes1201 brownies84 digital art14046 female1231043 food62358 headscarf150 high684 lucky bastard1442 male331505 scarf21066 shipping184865 story in the source1719 story included8120 straight122552 zephyr breeze gets all the mares2 zephyrhugger50 zephyrstone29


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