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wheeee im supposed to be on hiatus but? i cant resist the ponies man, i really cant.

i do like spike and rarity but he's with sweetie belle in this verse, and as much as i like tempest and twilight…. twilight is with no one here so rarity it is!

this was originally supposed to be a group pic with all the mane six but could only get rarity right so decided to instead draw her with her wife!

Rarity, a jewel (pun intended) amongst Equestria's socialites — a beautiful and successful mare who proved that you could be pretty and very smart at the same time. Rarity has devoted her time to her talent and her stores have spread all over, and now everyone knows her name. She still devotes plenty of time to her friends and family, and has received enough marriage proposals from stallions to last a thousand lifetimes.

After Fizzlepop Berrytwist — formerly Tempest Shadow — returned to Ponyville, she didn't have much of a clue as to what to do with herself. Sure, she felt as though within herself the demons she had previously were gone but it still didn't change how she was perceived by other ponies. They were still wary, even frightened of her due to her association with the Storm King. Rarity saw this, and used her charm to set herself the goal of making Tempest the most loved pony around.

What she didn't count on, however, was instead being the one to love her the most.


they have two babies together! their adopted son sunset boulevard and their daughter jubilee guillion

tempest misses her horse wife a lot, and if it weren't for the fact that she isnt totally trusted by ponies and she still has her kids, she'd storm right up to canterlot castle and demand that celestia tells her where her wife is.

she knows celestia knows something.

and maybe she's right.


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This is the only damn image on the whole site shipping Tempest Shadow and Rarity. It doesn't even have a tag. Shadowity? RariShadow? RariTempest? Tempesity?
Background Pony #23A6
Rarity:"Well looks like almost traitor and destroyer of Canterlot come back with smile on her face, yeah wait until i gonna kill you of you gonna stay too long"
Tempest:"Nice pose"