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Sort-of intended to be a little sequel after this: Only this time, there's a whole BUNCH of Mares involved! And, of course, it's every fan-girl's dream Stallion; Big Macintosh! X3 Also having more practise with my new coloured Sharpies as well, as you can see. w

Essentially, five of the Mane 6 characters are taking a bit of a shine towards Big Mac here. . No surprise that Applejack's not getting involved, seeing as she's his little sister. Also involved here are Cheerilee (inspired by the 'Hearts And Hooves Day' episode), the Wonderbolt; Fleetfoot (anthonycomics.tumblr.com/post/… i162.photobucket.com/albums/t2… ), Pinkgirl3's oc Rose Lace, gently fondling his left foreleg (because why not. X3), and even garnettfox's oc Quilla, hugging his right foreleg (yes, we may not have spoken for some time, but I'm still aware that you too have a thing for Big Mac, Cassie. ). Oh! And DJ-Pon3's also there — She's chipping in by offering a record with a song that she made for Big Mac. Pinkie Pie, in the meantime, had decorated a cupcake to resemble Big Mac! And of course, my own oc Doodles (fav.me/d7gbxqx ) is also standing right there, feeling incredibly jealous right now. X3 Also, if you ask — Ditzy Doo isn't there, simply because she prefers the Doctor more. And I'm certain that even Rainbow Dash might have a thing or two for him, despite that fact she's a bit of a tomboy. XP

Also, I'm aware that there's also an oc that likes Big Mac, by the name of Citrus Twist: fav.me/d783tgg Though the owner of that oc doesn't really know me, so there wouldn't be much point in adding her in. Besides, all these ladies were pretty much using up all the space anyway.

And, as much as I'm aware that Twilight's more into Flash Sentry (yes, I actually don't mind that), I figured this'd be a nice lil' filly crush. Basically this was just simply for the lolz. _

(P.S. I literally drew this all in one day. How about that, eh? X3)

Rose Lace ©
Quilla ©
MLP FIM © Hasbro
safe1579137 artist:krytenmarkgen-012 applejack159099 big macintosh26894 cheerilee9363 dj pon-328150 fleetfoot1915 fluttershy198241 pinkie pie203584 rainbow dash219799 rarity170007 twilight sparkle283221 vinyl scratch32246 oc606938 oc:doodles72 oc:quilla2 oc:rose lace1 alicorn195941 annoyed5074 big macintosh gets all the mares309 blush sticker2148 blushing176326 canon x oc22098 cheerimac786 female902134 fleetmac85 fluttermac2652 heart43264 heart eyes14058 male306503 pinkiemac275 rainbowmac466 rarimac427 shipping184427 simple background346751 straight121967 traditional art109591 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115441 twimac430 vinylmac27 white background87403 wingding eyes19231


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