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I hope this keeps happening through the whole season.
suggestive173134 edit157037 edited screencap80500 screencap263842 fluttershy238351 human204009 pegasus407355 pony1325001 fake it 'til you make it1142 horse play1004 alternate hairstyle33471 braid7922 breasts343670 celestia costume48 celestia's crown133 cleavage41023 cosplay31573 costume35224 crown24995 danganronpa342 ear piercing35684 eyeshadow22658 fake horn1069 female1604764 fluttergoth1121 glasses77494 glasses girl2 goth3068 hair bun4342 hipstershy306 implied princess celestia934 jewelry91402 junko enoshima35 leopard print102 makeup31036 mare619135 piercing53570 regalia29865 severeshy293 shylestia180 spoilers for another series1194 sunglasses18423


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Background Pony #593C
Junko Enoshima. Danganronpa. The first season of the anime streamlines the first game. The games are visual novel style stories. The plot revolves around a bunch of high school students trapped in a school and forced to commit murder to escape.