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safe (1427180)artist:moondragon1204 (8)lightning dust (3867)lyra heartstrings (26081)seafoam (1253)sea swirl (1254)starlight glimmer (37930)suri polomare (1056)trixie (55988)human (130595)alternate hairstyle (21250)annoyed (4320)blushing (153578)bracelet (6660)clothes (355047)comic (89354)confused (3317)crack shipping (3187)crossed arms (3460)cutie mark on human (1380)cutie mark tattoo (68)dark skin (3364)ear piercing (16849)earring (14319)eyes closed (67837)fanfic (9563)fanfic art (11340)female (758442)humanized (87966)jacket (8730)jewelry (38889)lesbian (81677)open mouth (103938)piercing (28281)question mark (3531)sea swirl the shipper (5)shipper on deck (1322)shipping (164135)suriglimmer (1)sweat (19840)sweatdrop (1919)tattoo (3776)


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2 comments posted
RushCars24's avatar
Sci-Twi Lover
Well, I don’t do Suri Polomare stuffs right now, but…

SuriLight = I say SuriGlimmer, since we have Twilight Sparkle and if there is a Twilight x Suri art (ain’t seeing that one yet since there is no art for that ship), then this might be more confusing for the SuriLight tag if it’s applied as Starlight x Suri main ship tag, let me tell ya’…

Starlight x Suri = SuriGlimmer
Twilight x Suri = That SuriLight tag or can be also SuriSparkle or TwiPolomare.
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