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Arcade ending screens for each character, kind of like Super Smash Bros.!
If you have the game installed on your computer, these images can be found (as of May 2, 2018) in /Them’s Fightin’ Herds/dev/temp/UI/Win/Output/Textures/BuckMisc/ArcadeEndings.
safe1752339 artist:mane6145 arizona (tfh)1199 big mama15 fhtng th§ ¿nsp§kbl321 oleander (tfh)1205 paprika (tfh)988 pom (tfh)724 tianhuo (tfh)642 velvet (tfh)1399 alpaca1045 classical unicorn4232 cow3452 deer6075 dog9873 dragonfly136 lamb539 longma653 reindeer2078 sheep1606 unicorn343024 winter sprite48 them's fightin' herds4800 bag5142 basket3215 cloven hooves10623 community related4382 donut2113 fightin' six151 food73076 grass10161 hot sauce123 leonine tail9212 picnic basket569 pillow18679 ruff6 sheep dog24 unshorn fetlocks27249 woof55


not provided yet


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