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Tickle and the Sand Goblins

Source: My Little Pony Comic № 47 (1987)


Gallery: complete g1/g2/g3 comics stories
safe1613713 bubbles (g1)168 majesty306 seashell (g1)60 sparkler (g1)272 tickle (g1)33 earth pony215324 goblin104 pegasus256621 pony881341 unicorn284456 comic:my little pony (g1)306 baby sea ponies28 beach13711 bow25757 bully509 bullying567 cake9185 cheating230 comic103222 dream castle119 female1284467 food64152 g114091 ocean5715 official7169 official comic2457 picnic1260 rope10626 sand goblins1 sandcastle291 slap (goblin)1 snap (goblin)1 snip (goblin)1 tail bow4999 tea party560 tickle and the sand goblins1 tickling4388 trickery25 tug of war111


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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
Oh my word. This one's about 5 seconds away from banging on about Ponyland's manifest destiny.

Modern Equestrian scholarship doubtless refers to them as the Coast Peoples, with a note that each tribe had its own name for themselves, but that most are lost to the ages.